Getting The Best Deal From Used Cars

Okay, it is a fact that not all of us can afford to buy brand new cars. These days there are many options open to us. One is to buy a used car. Anyone who has bought a used car will advise that the fundamental thing to look out for when buying a used car is that it must be in good working condition. These days online auto auction sites have everything listed for you. It is just a matter of searching and making comparisons. You can search for a particular model you like for example and compare the rate to the different car auction sites to see the price comparisons. It saves you the trip of visiting a couple of dealers!

Car auctions not only offer variety but you can get some of the best deals. Some people still prefer the traditional method of attending public car auctions. They wish to physically see the car. Some of the auction houses offer mock auctions and this is a great time for first time bidders to attend and gain an understanding on how the system works.

Some car auction houses ensure that each car put for sale has gone through quality checks. This gives the consumer peace of mind that the car is roadworthy. However, there is no harm in doing some simple checks to ensure the car is looking good :

1. Pedal Check

Inspect the pedals to make sure they are not too loose and worn out

2. Steering Wheel

Turn around the steering wheel to ensure it is secure

3. View the whole car

Check the whole car externally to ensure there are no heavy cover up-paint (to hide a serious damage/accident)

4. Handles

This is something so simple but still good to check that you are not about to pay for a car with faulty handles

5. Car Book (If available)

You are able to view the history of the car and see when it was last maintained and if there was any serious work done on the car.

6. Getting Dirty

If you can and are allowed to, check the engine, beneath the car to make sure it all looks okay. If you are not too sure what to look out for but are friends with your local mechanic, bring him along to have a quick look. It will save you time and money!

Ultimately, the seller wants to sell his car. You the consumer have to bear in mind that you are completely satisfied with the condition of the car before buying. Leave your fear behind and ask as many questions as you want to the seller. Look out for signs of uneasiness when they reply to some questions. In most cases, your instinct will guide you correctly to make the right decision.

Used car auctions are not for everyone. Many people get put off because they think that if the prices are so cheap, then there might be something seriously wrong with the car. That is why some people bring along their car dealer friend or someone whom they know has knowledge about cars. These people are able to quickly point out any flaws which you may otherwise not have picked up.

If you are not that lucky, another option is to visit a few auctions prior to buying and getting a feel of what is involved and watch how other buyers inspect cars. You will be surprised that some people come with a checklist they tick away. These useful tips and tricks will help you in the long run to make an informed decision.

Something that many people overlook is that they are so fixated on one car but forget that they may not get it because they may be outbid by someone else. It is therefore a good idea to have 2-3 cars as backups (only do that if you really want an alternative or you can always wait for the next auction to come around)

For many first time buyers, it may be risky to for online car auctions simply because most times you are making a decision based on a photo and some description. If you have been in the selling and buying mode for a while and know what to look out for and what you can expect to pay, then there is nothing like the convenience of online car auctions.

Finally, you are bidding and realize that you may win and get that dream used car. Make a quick mental note that this is the car you really want. DO not overlook a flaw or a serious fault just so that you can get a bargain as it may prove to be a very painful experience once the car is in your possession.

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