Car Auctions Gaining Popularity

There is no doubt at all that car auctions are proving to be a very popular way to buy and sell cars. It is a known fact that cars which sell at car auctions are far cheaper than sold through the other methods such as at a local car trading store or the good old garage. A used car auction is gaining popularity as cars become more and more affordable for the general public.

It is always a good idea to be extremely cautious about the type of car you are buying as the last thing you want to do is buy a dud car which is not only un roadworthy but also a danger to you. Experts agree that good car auction dealers will provide details of the car readily to the potential bidder.

So, what goes on in auctions for cars? What does one need to keep in mind before purchasing the car? Different car auctions place different emphasis but generally, there are several components:

Testing 1,2,3

First comes the testing period. This is normally held one day, two days or a week before the auction to give customers a chance to view the car and test drive it and asks as many questions to the dealer. This is very useful for first time bidders or people who have never been to car auctions to see what the buzz is all about.

One of the most important things to do is not only test drive the car but do a visual inspection of the car. You should be alert about the year of the car, the number of miles the car was driven and basically the overall look of the car. Some places may not allow for a test drive but you may request for them to start the car for you. Remember, it is you, the consumer who will be parting with your hard earned cash so ensure that you do all the checks and ask all the questions you want. At this time, it is a good idea to ask about the payment methods so that you come well prepared on the actual auction day.

Car Auction Day

If this is your first auction, try to be early to avoid panicking and with the extra time you have, have a look at the car again to make sure you did not miss anything out the last time. It is important to remember that no commitment has been made yet so you may still ask a question or two or decide to look in the bonnet in case you did not do so the last time!

To be a bidder, you will be required to register. You will be given a bidding number which you hold up during the bidding process. Again, if you are not sure what to do, the dealers are there to help so go ahead and ask for it.

This is the exciting day for everyone involved. The people selling the cars as well as the bidders. Sometimes, some dealers print out flyers or booklets describing the cars with important information like model, make, registrations etc. On this day, the lucky punter with the right bidding can get away with a bargain if they are really lucky. Some people get overexcited and may go over budget. It is very important to ensure to spend within your means. Many punters actually will buy a car at auction and may resell at another auction to make profit so it is important to remember the main purpose for buying the car which will then determine how much one will spend on the car.

Some people forget the fundamental reason for going to a used car auction is so that they can get a good deal and not get so caught up in the bidding war that they end up paying more than what the car is worth!!

Drive away happy

Once your payment formalities are complete, you can drive your pride and joy back with you. These days because of increase in fraud cases, most auction places will not accept checks. Some places will allow you to make payment arrangements. To avoid disappointment, it is best to go for the pre-auction open house so that you can be aware of the type of payment options accepted.

Auto auctions have really become a cheap alternative for consumers to buy and sell cars. These days’ police seized cars and government auto auctions are proving to be very popular as well. The important thing to remember is that make sure you carry out simple checks to ensure that you are buying a car without regrets and paying too much for.

These days, there is even a newer trend of online auto auction. Basically, it is bidding for the car of your liking from the comforts of your home with all the information about the car listed on the website. You are able to view what others have bid on the car and decide if you want to increase their bid. The only drawback on some of these sites is that you may not be able to view the car until you actually purchase it which can be very daunting for some.

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