Hot City Car Auctions In Seattle Wash

On Seattles northern limits, on Saturday at 7 am there is a hot car auction. For a long time the city auctioned some junk out here, but now the average quality of cars has improved. The jalopies are now peppered with newer cars. What is the source of these strange phenomena? Well, car auctions have gotten hot because the business of parking tickets, moving violations and even the latest crime, aggressive driving, have gotten hot.

With the escalation of fines and the increasing trend toward the criminalization of driving insurance salvage auto auctions tn, Seattle Washington, along with other American cities has seen a boom in its city car auctions. Now cars can be impounded if drivers are caught by police behind the wheel with a suspended drivers license. The crowd, mostly men get to peek at the engines of used cars and guess which ones will still function. They tap the engines and other parts, but are unfortunately unable to test out if the cars can start. Once the bidding starts, hundreds of cars will be auctioned off, about 50 per hour. Now the crowd knows when thing.

When a car is marked that it was impounded for being driven by a Driver with a Suspended License, and the cars are clearly marked, this is a car that actually can start. That in itself makes the car a hot number. The top auction price for a car, a 2004 Lincoln Continental, was $20,000. Papers showed that the car had been purchased by an owner new a couple of years ago for over $60,000. Not a bad deal! Some of the bidders felt it was not fair to bid on a car seized from a DWSL. One young man said he felt guilty bidding on such a car. However, such feelings of guilt will not change the law, and these newer, better shaped models have truly added needed excitement to these city car auctions. One buyer of a late model Mazda pickup got it for only $1,000. The man, accompanied by his 8-year old daughter said, They got a letter, they should have known to come get it.

Maybe they had a phony address on their drivers license anyway. The proceeds from the car auctions have netted the City of Seattle over $300,000 this year, while the State of Washington has made over $1,000,000 off of the sales and drivers fines. Most of the state funds are used for road construction.

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