Salvage Car Auctions

For a while now auctions for cars have been on a rise as people look for better deals in used cars. Salvage cars are a very popular choice. They are much cheaper and one does not have to go through a lengthy process to purchase the car.

Many cities have salvage yards or salvage car auctions where one can purchase these cars. The only major difference to other car auctions is that the cars for sale may not exactly be the “best” of quality. The people selling them want to get rid of them quickly. They are seeking buyers who have the cash and need the car as quick as possible. Some these cars may have been badly damaged and repaired by insurance companies, some do not get the cosmetic change and are sitting in the yard in a pretty miserable condition.

Cars found in these salvage car auctions come from a variety of sources such as other salvage yards, insurance companies, cars confiscated by the government and even police yards. As these cars come from a variety of sources, the consumer has to be mindful and check the cars carefully. This type of car auction is slightly different because the seller just wants to get the car of his hands. The main advantage is that once you put your bid in, you may get the car the following day or the next and not wait in the traditional car auction where the preview date is different from the bidding date.

A big difference in a salvage car auctions is that because the cars are so cheap it may get busy sometimes so you may not have the “undivided” attention of the seller who is answering the questions of 10 customers at the same time. You may soon realise that you are not able to test drive the car or allowed to step in the car but just make a judgement from the exterior. Also, if you are not experienced enough to determine how bad the damage is and how to repair the car, you may end up paying a whole lot more than anticipated in repair bills.

At the end of the day, this sort of car auction is not for everyone but if one has the chance, it is not a bad idea to go and have a look to see how they differ from other public car auctions. Many bidders are surprised to discover that sometimes car dealer’s show up to buy these cars. Now why on earth would they do that? The answer is simple- to make a profit. You see, car dealers know what they are looking for more than the average Joe. So, they will bid on a car, most probably get the car, fine tune it with a few repairs and then resell it.

A little known fact is some people come to salvage auction cars to get auto parts. Yes, what they do is not care at all of the external appearance of the car. They walk up, quickly check the handles, engine and other bits and pieces and put a bid in. What they want is some of the parts which they can then fit into their existing cars. Some beautiful rebuilt cars have had parts purchased from these sort of auctions for the fraction of the cost.

For some people, they only ever own one car and they want to keep the car in condition for many years to come. So, they will buy the auto parts and use it in repairing work and make the car last a long, long time.

Some people strongly believe that the general public should be banned from salvage car auctions because of the poor conditions of the cars and leave it to the experts in the car trade to be able to bid and buy the cars as they know what they are looking for. However, with so much of information now available online, consumers are becoming smarter too and realizing that going to these salvage yards with a little bit of knowledge does help.

Like every other business going online, so has the salvage car auction business. These days you can find these cars online as well. Normally, the sites feature a photo and a write up about the car. From the comforts of your home, you can browse though a few car auction websites and decide which is for you. The only drawback may be that you may not physically see the car until your successful bid. If there is a number listed on the site, you may want to give the seller a call to see if you can have a quick inspection of the car. If you do not try, then you do not know.

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