Salvage Auction Cars

Salvage auction cars is a huge business. It is an ideal one stop shop for buyers looking for cheap used cars as well as cheap spare parts. Many cities have several salvage yards. Cheap is the keyword here and someone looking for different brands and models of cars need not look any further. Cars which come from insurance companies can also be found at these car auctions and do not be surprised if you drive away with a relatively new BMW at rock bottom prices!

Salvage Cars

Some people are simply put off by the word salvage. They think it means completely smashed up cars and almost written off cars. That is not the case in most of the salvage car auction business. There are varying degrees of damages to a car and one really needs to decide the purpose of buying a car. As mentioned earlier, many buy a car purely for scrap purposes or require a part.

One must understand that the cars are there for a quick sell so that not much care or attention is given to the cars unlike traditional car auctions. That is why it is may be a good idea to take along your car mechanic or garage owner who can value the car and tell you truthfully what repairs will be required after the purchase. When you add it up and it still works out cheaper, then go for it an buy the car.

Auctions for cars are on the rise and so too the salvage auction cars. Cars come from a variety of sources including the government and sometimes even police seized cars. Salvage cars are proving to be very popular with some people because of the “wow” factor. Not only are they cheaper but some can boast to friends and family that they are driving a drug dealers car (who is sitting in jail for his crime of course!!)


A major difference between car auctions and a salvage car auction is that you will notice a different style of working. The dealer may seem rushed to sell the car and because the cars are so cheap, there is a tendency to pay now, ask later. You may go for a preview ( if one is available) and notice that there are so many people there that the dealer answers the questions very quickly and abruptly. You can practically forget to get a chance to test drive the car. Some salvage yards will not allow you to open the car and view the inside. You have to make a decision by looking at the exterior of the car. This is where experience comes in. If you know what potential flaw to look out from the exterior, then you may not bid for the car or still bid for the car but be fully aware of repair bills you will incur later on.

Final Words

If one has never been to salvage auction cars, then it is a experience. There are some clear differences. At the end of the day, this sort of car auction is not for everyone .Many bidders are surprised to discover that sometimes car dealer’s show up to buy these cars. These car dealers have an unfair advantage over all bidders because they know what cars cost and how much repair bills can be. Based on their judgement, they will bid on a car; most probably get the car, fine tune it with a few repairs and then resell it for a tidy profit.

Some people simply turn up at salvage car auctions expecting to buy spare parts from wrecked cars. They are not interested in the actual car but more so the salvageable part like a door handle or car bumper or steering wheel or car seat etc. They are looking for parts which they can then fit into their existing cars. You will never believe that some rebuilt cars have had parts purchased from these sorts of auctions.

The salvage car auction business is now online as well just like the other car auction sites. These days there are dozens of websites selling salvage cars. Normally, there is a photo of the car and a description about the car. All one does is browse the car and bid for the car. The only risk is that you do not see the car until you win the bid and pick up the car. You may enquire if they allow for a pre-inspection although most sites will not allow that.

Still, the traditional method of physically inspecting cars at salvage car auctions is still popular as the risk is slightly higher than at normal car auctions.

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