The Danger Of Unidentified Wrecks Passing Through Online Vehicle Auctions

The word out there is that there are still big problems with online vehicle auctions. Its not like the old days when you could at least kick the tires. Auction sites have attempted to reassure consumers that they will really get what they paid for, but it does not seem to be the case. Oh sure, you can get lucky and safeguard against certain contingencies, but not all of them. By doing a little research and preparing yourself thoroughly, you can get a decent vehicle at a good price by purchasing online.

One problem is that some of the safeguards themselves are far from foolproof. Carfax reports are useful for verifying the actual chain of ownership of a vehicle, its servicing and major accidents the vehicle was involved in. They even have value in making sure that the vehicle you are buying was not salvaged from a total wreck according to insurance company documents. This can certainly be helpful information for any used vehicle you may be purchasing whether it be from an online auction or through a car lot. Knowing some of the history of the vehicle you are purchasing will make it easier to choose whether or not it is the right vehicle for you.


Carfax, for a small fee, will give you more detailed information than they will in a free report as well, so if you are interested in the whole history, pay the minimal fee and get to know the car inside and out. You may still not get every piece of information from Carfax. The problem stems not from bad intentions at Carfax and the like as to their gathering of information. It stems from the decentralized system that we have in the United States, where there are 50 different states and thousands of counties, municipalities and what not. Some of the problem is with the vehicle auction operators and dealers themselves. They would have quickly gone out of business if they could not tell which vehicles have been through a repaint job, which vehicles have had major parts replaced, but they wont always tell you about it.


Another issue that has come up is that the warrantee issued by different auction sites of vehicles unseen, such as that of eBay motors. These are warrantees that cover vehicles for the first 1,000 miles or 1 month, but it opens up another whole can of worms. If one takes the time to look at the fine print, this is not a bumper to bumper warrantee, because it excludes all pre-existing conditions. So, unless you are itching to go to small claims court, who is to say if the transmission falls out of the vehicle, one week after you get it, that you didnt have a pre-existing conditions. Generally these auction sites are well respected, and they work with law enforcement officials to detect and stop patterns of fraud, but it must be something that really stands out. The nature of the fraud when selling vehicle lemons is these vehicles are crossing back and forth across state lines. So the different state Attorney Generals must get involved and cooperate to stop auto fraud.

Online Auction Houes

If you purchase your vehicle from a reputable online auction house, you will put yourself in better stead to get a really great quality vehicle at a price that you want to spend. While it is true that you may not get a full bumper to bumper warranty, when you are purchasing a vehicle online, you can go to see the vehicle in question before the auction ends to actually look at the car and know if it is what you are looking to purchase.

I am sure that you would have to pick up the car so having a look at before hand should present too much of a problem. If however this is not the case and you would be making a special trip to the area where the vehicle is located to pick it up, you may want to have a trusted friend who lives in the area look at it before you bid on it. If they do not know much about cars, or if you do not have a friend in the area, you hire a mechanic to check the vehicle out for you.

If the seller does not want to show the vehicle to you or your agent whether it be a friend or mechanic, then there may be issues with the vehicle that he does not want you to know about and you would not want to purchase the vehicle any way. Any seller of a vehicle would have no problem having it checked out by a potential buyer is the vehicle is in tip top shape. It is best to let your agent, especially if it is a mechanic, know what you found out through Carfax. The information will give your agent an idea of what may still be wrong with the vehicle if the Carfax has any issues that may concern you.

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