NY Car Auctions At The Brooklyn Navy Yard

There are auctions every two weeks at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, sponsored by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services. Mostly older cars are available at auction at in Brooklyn. Many of the cars are bought only for the value of their parts. These auctions take place every other Wednesday. A large number of professional used car dealers and car resellers are there on a regular basis.

Of course it pays to either be, or bring with you a professional mechanic, because its easy to buy a car because it has a pretty exterior, but will it drive? You can try to be a testimonials from online seized car auctions dealer, but you may not have the persona for it. Usually a good used car dealer is able to convince buyers that they may have a shot at purchasing the Brooklyn Bridge too, while theyre at it. On the other hand maybe your brother-in-law or your friendly next door neighbor is an amateur car mechanic after all. Its possible to check out the website the day before the auction to see what are the sweet offerings that will be bid on early the next morning. And this is a real auction, with a real auctioneer and a genuine bidding process.

Do I hear $1,000, not the little lady over heres gonna go 1,200c and so it goes on. Many people come to the auction when their business is slow. This is a fairly low technology way to earn a buck. Many restaurant owner or bartender is also an amateur car mechanic. People even come to the auction from as far away as Ohio and Ontario, Canada. Hundreds of cars are sold at each auction with the potential to make a pretty buck for the City. The inside of the operation is that many cars are likely to change hands more than once. Many of the buyers will in turn resell the vehicles on different sites on the Internet, starting with eBay, and the many look-alike sites to eBay.

The cars are seized from drug dealers, bankruptcy cases and other legal cases the City is involved in. This is not the pretty scene of the cute neighborhood used car dealership. Cars are seized off the street with no preparation, often containing various artifacts of the original owners. So if you are a young person, willing to go to automotive trade school and get auto mechanic skills this may be the business for you. Even if you cant find a lot to sell the cars, you can do it on eBay or the various other auction sites on the Internet.

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