Popularity Of Car Auctions

Buying and selling cars have been going on for a long time. These days there is no doubt at all that car auctions are proving to be a very popular way to buy and sell cars. Cars sold at the garage or local car trading stores are not a lost cause but it is just that consumers now have another avenue to purchase a used car. Also auctions for car are held regularly and sometimes once can get the car at a price far cheaper than a brand new car.

One of the major disadvantages of buying cars at a car auction is that you must be fully aware of exactly what you are paying for. The last thing you want to do is go in as an inexperienced buyer and end up paying a bit too much for the car. Or, you may end up buying a un roadworthy car (rare). People in the auto industry agree that a good car auction dealer comes clean with his clients and will provide accurate information about the car so that the consumer can make an informed decision.

What are some of the things to keep in mind when going for a car auction? Most car auctions work along the same lines. So, what does one need to keep in mind before purchasing a used car?


Call it the testing period or the preview period. The whole is to give the bidder a chance before the auction to view the car, go for a test drive, check the car, ask as many questions as possible. It is a good practise for a first time bidder or people who have never been to an auction to understand what is involved and what to look out for.

Most people think the job is done once the car is taken for a test drive. Some car auction houses do not allow for the car to be test driven. In that case, the next most important thing to do is a visual/physical inspection of the car.

Visual Inspection

Here, the customer would be looking at things like the year of the car, the number of miles driven, whether the handles are firm, the steering wheel looks good, if there is any damage on the pedals, the look of the paint on the car and so on. Sometimes, these seem like trivial things but can matter in the long run in terms of safety and peace of mind.

Physical Inspection

Some people know a lot about cars or knows someone who does like their neighbourhood mechanic. They bring them along and in a physical inspection things like how the engine looks, is the steering wheel good to use, the pedals- do they look worn out, can the boot be easily opened and things like the glove compartment are checked. As one becomes more experienced, then you know exactly what you are looking for which may not only be dangerous but cheapen the value of the car assuming you win the bid and choose to sell the car later on.

At the preview, it is a good time to ask about the payment method so that you are well-prepared on the actual auction day as normally full payment or part-payment is required once you win the bid.

Car Auction...Going Once..Going Twice...

It is advisable for a first to be early to avoid panicking and with the extra time you have, have a look at the car again to make sure you did not miss anything out the last time. It is important to remember that no commitment has been made yet so you may still ask a question or two or decide to look in the bonnet in case you did not do so the last time! Also, it may give you a lst minute chance to view another car in case you do not win the bid!!

Registration is required for all bidders. DO not forget to register if you wish to bid for a car. You then use the bidding number to bid during the process. If you are a first-timer, make sure you find out exactly how the auction is carried out so that you can actively participate without freaking out.

Car Auctions days are exciting like any other auctions. Some dealers print out booklets or flyers describing the cars with important information like model, registration, make etc. On this day, the lucky bidder may get away with a bargain or an inexperienced bidder may win a bid but pay too much for the car!! It is very important to ensure you spend within your means. Why you are buying the car will determine how much you are willing to pay. If you just buy it for your personal use, you may stretch a bit try to win the bid. If it is for reselling, then you want to ensure you stay within your budget.

Drive away happy

Auto auctions have really become a cheap alternative for consumers to buy and sell cars. These days’ police seized cars and government auto auctions are proving to be very popular as well. The important thing to remember is that make sure you carry out simple checks to ensure that you are buying a car without regrets and paying too much for.

Once your payment formalities are complete, you can drive home with the car.

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