Used Cars For Auction

Not all of us are lucky enough to be able to afford brand new cars. There are a variety of options available to buy a car of your choice at the fraction of the price. Buying used cars is a very common option amongst many people. Just ask anyone who has owned used cars, they will tell you that it is as good as driving a brand new car, only cheaper!! As long as the car is in working condition and safe to drive, there should be no hesitation in purchasing used cars.

Online auto auctions are proving to be very popular these days with the net savvy generation hungry to buy anything online including used cars. These online auto auctions sites are well designed and have enough information to make you want to bid for the cars. Instead of visiting a dozen dealerships, one can research and compare prices over the Internet from the comforts of home.

Some people still prefer the traditional method of attending public car auctions. They wish to see the car, touch the car and have general peace of mind about their intended purchase. Some auto auction houses actually offer a mock auction and this is a great time for a first time bidder to attend.

Most car auction houses have reputations to keep and so will each car put for sale has gone through quality checks.

Below are some simple secrets on what to look out for when you inspect the car close up:

1. View the whole car

Check the whole car externally to ensure there are no heavy cover up-paint (to hide a serious damage/accident)

2. Steering Wheel

Turn around the steering wheel to ensure it is secure and not about to fall out!

3. Pedal Check

Inspect the pedals to make sure they are not too loose and worn out

4. Handles

This is something so simple but still good to check that you are not about to pay for a car with faulty handles

5. Getting Dirty

If you can and are allowed to, check the engine, beneath the car to make sure it all looks okay. If you are not too sure what to look out for but are friends with your local mechanic, bring him along to have a quick look. It will save you time and money in future repairs!!

6. Car Book (If available)

You are able to view the history of the car and see when it was last maintained and if there was any serious work done on the car.

7. Observe Others

Watch and learn from other car bidders. See what they look for and what sort of questions they are asking the car dealers. It will make you a better informed buyer.

Be confident that you want to buy the car and if the car damage seems too severe or you can see potential issues, do not bid for the car. If there is something you think can be easily fixed, speak to the dealer and see what they say. It could be something as simple as tightening one of the door handles. Some dealers get a little edgy when you ask questions. These are warning signs that there may be something not right with the car. In most cases, dealers will be truthful and hep with as much information. In most cases, leave it to your instincts to judge.

Used car auctions are not for everyone. Some people do not like haggling over the price of the car with 50 other people. There are others who think that used car auctions are for really messed up cars. Others question if they will get a fair deal on the car. Some people bring along their car dealer friend or someone whom they know has knowledge about cars. These people are able to quickly point out any flaws in the cars and may alter the decision of the buyer to buy the car.

Finally, you are bidding and realize that you may win and get that dream used car. Make a quick mental note that this is the car you really want. DO not overlook a flaw or a serious fault just so that you can get a bargain as it may prove to be a very painful experience once the car is in your possession.

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