Basic Advice On Car Auctions

If you want to get a great car at a great price you need to try car auctions. There are several public leads you can try. Car auctions can be advertised in your local paper. You can contact banks and auto auctions state of mn, or find their listings of auctions in the Sunday papers. Finally, check out your local city government.

Police and other law enforcement agencies take possession of cars and sell them through auctions. Phone or email federal, state, and local government agencies and inquire if they have car auctions, and if so, where and when. Many cities regularly auction off vehicles seized by police. The U.S. Government is also having auctions of cars seized by U.S. Federal Marshals. See for more information, or call 888-8PUEBLO or 888-878-3256 and ask for Item 577N. Write to: Federal Citizens Information Center, Dept. 577N, Pueblo, CO 81009. Uncle Sam provides the free publication US Government Auto Auctions.

When youve found the auction, be prepared before you get there. What are the minimum bid requirements? What type of payment is required? Also very important is the issue of paperwork. If you want to get license plates you have to sort out and get the cars title, make sure no money is owed on it, no liens, etc... Do they expect full payment by cash, or will they accept credit cards? Other auctions will accept a non-returnable deposit, with you paying the balance in several days.

Once youre ready to attend the auction, see what kind of auto auctions state of mn at what price you want. A good way to start estimating prices is the Auto Blue Book, which lists car makes and models by year and their expected retail and wholesale value. Find out where the vehicles come from, whether bank repossessions, seizures by government agencies, or merely finished car leases. It is thought that cars from less exotic channels are better bets. Limited warrantees are provided in some cases, but check the fine print. It often says, Not covering any prior conditions. So if the transmission falls out, will it be covered? You can get a history of a car through its VIN number through Carfax or similar agencies, but this will often only give partial information. It wont always tell you if the vehicle was in a major accident. Youre getting a big chance for a discount, but be ready for either a pleasant surprise or a drive to nowhere.

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